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10 days in Iran itinerary: Discover the country with the world’s friendliest people!

Itinerary Iran travel to Garmeh

Within days in Iran, it quickly climbed up to become a favorite country for me. With around 50 countries under my belt, that is quite a tough achievement with India holding the throne since I first visited the country in 2012. How did this happen? There are so many reasons to love Iran, and the […]

One week in Morocco itinerary: A taste of northern Morocco

A beautiful rainbow on our Morocco 1 week itinerary. Spring is best time to travel to Morocco when the fields are golden.

Northern Morocco is not where most people set foot on their first trip to the country, yet it’s tremendously beautiful! There is so much culture and the Berber villages are spotted all over the astounding Atlas and Rif mountains. The deep blue Mediterranean Sea dominates the coastline while you can visit the fascinating Blue city […]

Day trip to Toledo itinerary: Getting wonderfully lost in Medieval Spain

Day trip to Toledo

Getting lost in the narrow streets of Toledo’s old town is like getting lost in time. There is no corner without a spectacular medieval building you need to explore before you keep walking. Probably even in the wrong direction of where you planned to. With so many incredibly wonderful distractions it is hard to get […]