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Unethical animal tourism and what to do instead: land animals and birds

Unethical animal tourism and what to do instead - land animals and birds

As the second part of the series on unethical animal tourism and what to do instead, this post focuses on land animals and birds. We will look at a series of activities from visiting zoos and animal cafés to taking selfies with the smallest primate on earth. With great collaboration from other conscious travel bloggers, […]

A passion for wildlife: Expert interview with Michelle Campbell of Wild Wonderful World

An interview with Michelle Campbell of Wild Wonderful World

With (Un)Ethical Animal Tourism Awareness Month coming to an end, I’ve been so lucky to speak with the founder of one of the most amazing, impactful organizations I’ve come across. Michelle Campbell from Wild Wonderful World in Africa. Not only did we talk about what to look for in ethical wildlife tourism, but also the […]

21 Best places for whale watching in the world for your next ethical adventure

Madagascar is one of the best places for whale watching in the world

The sun was shining as the 20-foot boat floated in the Indian Ocean somewhere outside the small island of Sainte-Marie in eastern Madagascar. The 5-6 tourists on the boat were mesmerized. So was I. Surrounding the boat, were 3 massive humpback whales. Just hanging out. While 5 shiny dolphins were jumping playfully around them. We […]

Unethical animal tourism and what to do instead: Animal rides

animal rides in tourism are not ethical

Animal rides have been popular among tourists for decades and decades and even today often sold in as a cultural experience. It’s commonly seen as a cultural experience to ride a camel into the Moroccan desert or an elephant through the Thai jungle. Luckily, the latter is starting to get more and more unpopular among […]

Unethical animal tourism and what to do instead – marine life

ethical animal tourism marine life

This is the third part of the series unethical animal tourism and what to do instead. In this post, we will focus on marine life. There are plenty of activities that are obviously unethical, like performing dolphins and killer whales. Isn’t it questionable that creatures that swim hundreds of kilometers a day in the wild […]

Why you should never pet a Tarsier

Sleeping Tarsier

I was walking in silence behind our guide, trying not to make any noise along the tiny path. We were surrounded by tight bamboo trees searching for the tiniest primate on earth, the Philippine Tarsier. Suddenly, the guide stopped. I nearly ran into him as I was looking into the trees, but managed to stop […]

Unethical animal tourism and what to do instead

Tourists bathing an elephant in Malaysia - unethical animal tourism

Animal tourism has been a part of travel as long as I know. Animals suffer more and more as numbers of travelers increase in the world. Traveling is more accessible than ever with 1.4 billion people traveling in 2018 according to World Tourism Organization. Even though there is an increasing knowledge by travelers on unethical […]

11 Best wildlife encounters in Madagascar

Sustainable travel - lemur in Madagascar

Madagascar is known as a nature destination. And not without reason. However, most people mostly connect the island to lemurs, while the country has so much more to offer. In this post, I will show you the 11 best wildlife encounters in Madagascar, and where you can go for the experience. According to WWF (World […]

Where to see sea turtles nest in Madagascar

The white sandbar connecting the two islands of Nosy Iranja

Madagascar is home to five different species of sea turtles. They are all endangered as they are hunted either for their meat or their shell. Especially Green turtles and Hawksbill turtles are showing a marked decline in nesting. According to Sea Turtle Conservancy, there are only about 20-23 000 nesting females left of this species […]

Why you should never ride a donkey in Mijas

Mijas Pueblo is known for its Donkey Taxis. Bus tours travel daily to the idyllic Spanish village loaded with tourists from all over the world. They all want to tour the white village by donkey back. The village is situated halfway up the mountain with stunning views over the coastline of Costa del Sol. The […]