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Volunteering at a wildlife sanctuary in Bolivia

Playing with Capuchin Monkeys

Volunteering at a wildlife sanctuary during your travels is a great way to encounter wildlife in a responsible way while helping to reduce the costs of travel. One worthy organization to consider for your next volunteer project is La Senda Verde Wildlife Sanctuary in Bolivia. What is La Senda Verde? The mission of La Senda […]

Meet the rescued donkeys and mules at El Refugio del Burrito

El Refugio del Burrito

“You are lucky. Paco de Lucía is normally not very fond of cuddles, seems like he likes you”. I turned around to see the sanctuary worker smile at me. Paco de Lucía, a nearly 9-year-old rescued mule was pressing his adorable face outside the paddock, begging for more cuddles as he made the funniest frowns […]

Diving with the cutest shark on earth

Thresher shark Philippines

Diving with a cute shark? How can a shark be cute you might be thinking. Have you seen the animated movie Shark Tale? One of the main characters in Shark Tale is a vegetarian shark called Lenny. He is really cute. And yes, I love animation movies. I actually dragged my boyfriend to the cinema […]