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10+ Best sustainable backpacks for the eco friendly traveler

When choosing a new backpack for your travel adventures why not make it an eco-friendly backpack? There are many small and large brands making sustainable backpacks in different ways. It can be by supporting local economies, using eco-friendly materials, or even making recycled backpacks. While it can be hard to find the backpack that fits […]

23 Amazing Eco friendly travel products and travel accessories that you will love!

Travel accessories

To make your travels as sustainable as possible, it is important to bring eco friendly travel products and accessories for your trip. You can make such an incredible impact just with a few small changes to your travel accessories and that’s exactly what you want as a responsible traveler, right? Let me tell you something. […]

Eco friendly camping gear: The ultimate sustainable camping packing list

eco friendly camping

Every time I head out camping I write a list of things to bring as I start packing. Every time I forget something essential. That’s why I decided to write an eco friendly camping gear list so I won’t forget anything ever again. As I might not be alone about forgetting things, I thought I’d […]

How to choose the best tent for camping with dogs (a buying guide)

How to chose the best tent for camping with dogs

Are you going tenting with your dog and not sure which tent is the best choice for you and your best friend? I know there are a lot of choices and it can be daunting to pick out the right dog friendly tent. After frequent camping trips with my 12 year old dog, Ayla (who […]

15 Eco friendly gift ideas for responsible travelers: A sustainable gift guide

Eco-friendly gift ideas

While we talk about responsible travel, sustainable travel, eco-conscious travel, and so on, why not try to find sustainable gifts for the travel lovers in your life? There are plenty of eco-friendly gift ideas for travelers that are actually useful so you know they will be appreciated. There is nothing worse than receiving a lot […]