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Keep the locals in mind: An interview with Corritta Lewis

Byodo-In Temple in Oahu: Coritta Lewis - It's A Family Thing

One of the three main principles of sustainable tourism that I keep mentioning over and over again is to always respect the locals. In this interview with Corritta Lewis, co-founder of the family travel blog, It’s a Family Thing, she talks about exactly that. This inspiring two-mum family focus on teaching their 1-year old about […]

Put your destination before your own desires: An interview with Joshua Kian and Sarah Morgan

An interview with Josh and Sarah from Veggie Vagabonds

“The main principle of responsible tourism should be putting the destination you’re visiting and its inhabitants before your personal wants and desires!” I couldn’t agree more with Josh and Sarah on this one! I’m super excited to chat with these energy-filled vegan adventurers, founders of one of my favorite responsible adventure travel blogs out there, […]

To travel (sustainably) is to live: An interview with Coni Fernández

Croda da Lago, Dolomites, Italy

“To travel is to live” according to Coni Fernández, founder of the sustainable, solo female travel blog Experiencing the Globe. And she means in a sustainable way! And I couldn’t agree more! I like this lady already! As a Human Rights lawyer, Coni is especially passionate about the human aspects of sustainable tourism, but that […]

Talk to the locals: An interview with Samantha Anthony and Veren Ferrera

Sam and Veren at San Juan de Gatzelugatxe, Spain

One of the great principles of traveling responsibly is to talk to the locals. Find out how they experience tourism, what they think is positive and what they think is negative about tourism in the area. No one knows that better than the locals. In today’s interview, I talk with Samantha Anthony and Veren Ferrera, […]

A simple choice: An interview with Michelle Della Giovanna

responsible toruism in Nepal

Responsible travel is a simple choice. According to Michelle Della Giovanna, the founder of the travel blog, Full Time Explorer, it is a way of life. I couldn’t agree more. Could you implement responsible travel into your small daily escapes as well as in your longer travel adventures? The way most people talk about responsible […]

Travel without hurting: An interview with Claudia Tavani

An interview with Claudia Tavani of My Adventures Across The World

To travel without hurting, what is meant by that? It is a pretty good way of describing responsible tourism from world-traveler Claudia Tavani, the founder of the adventure travel blog My Adventures Across The World. In today’s interview, Claudia talks about her thoughts about responsible tourism after more than 6 years of travel while working […]

Give your vote for responsible travel: An interview with Lauren Fenn-Ellis of Fellis Travels

How can you give your vote for responsible travel? Think about all the activities, transport, accommodation, and restaurants you spend money on while you travel. Could you choose to spend that money on responsible tour operators, eco-friendly transport, sustainable accommodation, and locally-owned restaurants? According to Lauren Fenn-Ellis, founder of the travel blog Fellis Travels, this […]

Zero waste travel: An interview with Kendal Karstens

What do you associate with zero waste travel? For me, it seems like a pretty daunting task, though I daily try to reduce waste both at home and when I travel. But ZERO waste? Is that even possible? I thought I’d talk to an expert on the field, Kendal Karstens, the content creator of the […]

Tiny travelers, tiny footprints – An interview with Jacquie Hale

Flashpacking Family - An interview with Jacquie Hale

What is the best way to educate your kids about sustainability and responsible travel? According to the content creator of the responsible family travel blog Flashpacking Family, Jacquie Hale, it is to travel. Travel in a sustainably friendly way, that is. When Jacquie, or Jacs as she is known as among friends, and her husband, […]

Environmental awareness – An interview with Mel Vargas and Abby Singzon

Mel Vargas and Abby Singzon

“Leave the world better than you found it. If you can’t, don’t contribute to making it worse.” – Mel Vargas and Abby Singzon from Curious Couple Travels. This Filippino couple educates their audience on environmental awareness while they go forward as a good example. Mel and Abby pick up trash while they explore new places. […]

Sumatra and eco-tourism – An interview with Carly Day

To make eco-tourism work out, you need to have the local community on board. Today, I will talk to Carly Day, a life-long animal lover from New Zealand who eventually moved to the jungle in Sumatra to be surrounded by nature and wildlife. Now she is helping the local community of the village she lives […]