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The explosion of armchair travel: How to do it ethically

Ethical Armchair Travel

With the explosion of armchair travel that came with the recent global travel restrictions, there is one thing I have noticed. There is just as much unsustainable armchair travel as there was unsustainable travel before the coronavirus outbreak. You want to travel, I get it! But keep the principles of sustainable travel in mind when […]

10 Sustainable travel documentaries to inspire a future of better travel!

Sustainable travel documentaries

If there’s one positive thing the coronavirus pandemic has brought, it is a greater understanding of the importance of looking after the environment, supporting small local travel businesses, and taking care of wildlife. While people can’t travel, it seems like they spend a lot of time searching for information about the importance of sustainable tourism […]

Iran travel tips: All you need to know before traveling to Iran

How to dress in Iran

Iran is not a traditional travel destination and for many reasons, a country off the beaten track. There are a lot of myths about the country and the media is a big part of it. However, travelers that made it there, including me, say it is one of their favorite countries! What was hard about […]