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Mindful travel – An interview with Lucile Hernandez Rodriguez

Lucile Hernandez Rodriguez

As a less common term, mindful travel brings out a lot of the same feelings as responsible travel. Though it probably also makes you look within yourself and not only at everything around you. There are so many perspectives of responsible travel, so why not start within? I thought the perfect person to tell us […]

Make the small changes count – An interview with Patricia Ryniak

Interview with Patricia Ryniak

As the second brainy backpacker in my interview series about responsible travel, I interviewed Patricia Ryniak, founder of the travel blog Keeping It Curious. Only a couple of weeks ago she was crammed in the masses during the big climate strike rising her message to save the planet. There is no doubt where her passion […]

Kind Travel – An interview with Lauren Yakiwchuk

Lauren Yakiwchuk photographing wildlife

You might wonder what Kind Travel is? As a responsible travel blogger, this term piqued my curiosity too. So I decided to find out more and ask Lauren Yakiwchuk, founder of the responsible travel blog Justin Plus Lauren, more about this and how she focuses on responsible tourism. Lauren Yakiwchuk is specifically passionate about ethical […]