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Sustainable travel on a budget: An interview with Nomadic Matt

Matt Kepnes watching a sea view

One of the things I hear the most when talking about sustainable travel is that it’s only accessible to the rich and that normal people can’t afford to travel sustainably. Interestingly enough, I’ve been an advocate for responsible and sustainable travel for years now, but never considered myself a rich person. Set in perspective, yes. […]

Minimalist and slow travel for sustainability: An interview with Queenie Mak

Minimalist and slow travel interview with Queenie Mak

Both minimalist and slow travel are powerful tools towards sustainability in travel that should be talked more about. Yet, there are large amounts of travelers doing this as a living, even now during a pandemic, these individuals are floating around slowly, making a minimal impact on their destinations. I’m super excited that Queenie Mak, founder […]

Once you know better, do better: An interview with Kay Kingsman

An interview with Kay Kingsman

Isn’t responsible travel all about becoming a better traveler? Once you learn more, you change and adapt your travel style so that you make more positive impact and less negative impact. Being curious, talking to the locals, and talking to others about what you’ve learned are all part of it. In today’s interview with Kay […]

Human-powered activities: An interview with Mikaela Ferguson

An interview with Mikaela Ferguson

An excellent way of traveling responsibly is to opt for human powered activities. This week I’m talking to Mikaela Ferguson, founder of one of Canada’s top outdoors blogs, Voyageur Tripper, about just that and my favorite topic, responsible travel. Mikaela has worked as a wilderness guide and her big passion is the outdoors, leave no […]

A passion for wildlife: Expert interview with Michelle Campbell of Wild Wonderful World

An interview with Michelle Campbell of Wild Wonderful World

With (Un)Ethical Animal Tourism Awareness Month coming to an end, I’ve been so lucky to speak with the founder of one of the most amazing, impactful organizations I’ve come across. Michelle Campbell from Wild Wonderful World in Africa. Not only did we talk about what to look for in ethical wildlife tourism, but also the […]

Avoid activities that exploit animals or people: An interview with Steph and Lewis Jackson

Steph and Lewis on a catamaran trip

Avoiding any activities that exploit animals and people is of huge importance when you want to travel responsibly. It means researching well and thinking about the consequences of your choices. Joining ethical animal tourism can support habitat and communities around the world and the result is positive tourism. And that’s exactly what we want! In […]

Be conscious of your impact: An interview with Mariellen Ward

An interview with Mariellen Ward

On today’s interview I’ve been so lucky to speak to Mariellen Ward, founder and content creator of the award winning responsible travel blog Brethedreamgo. In 2019, Mariellen received a National Tourism Award for Best Foreign Travel Writer / Blogger from the Indian Ministry of Tourism. Today, she talks about the importance of being conscious of […]

Minimize your negative impact when traveling: An interview with Sandy Rao and Vyjay Rao

An interview with Sandy and Vyjay of Voyager

In today’s interview I talk with travel couple Sandy and Vyjay from the travel blog Voyager – Sandy N Vyjay about how to minimize your negative impact when practicing responsible tourism. The Indian couple have traveled all over the world and have focused on leaving as small footprints as possible since they started. Now they […]

Explore your home country: An interview with Rosie Julin

An interview with Rosie Julin

During these days where most of us don’t have the opportunity to travel abroad is a perfect time to talk about the benefits of exploring our own backyard (in a responsible way). In today’s interview I was so lucky to chat with Rosie Julin, founder of the podcast Popcuria about this and all things responsible […]

Support local economies: An interview with Kesi Irvin

An interview with Kesi Irvin

One important part of responsible tourism is to support the local economy when you travel. In today’s interview, Kesi Irvin, founder of the travel blog Kesi To And Fro talks more about the importance of supporting local economies when you travel. She also focuses on off the beaten path travel, so we have a lot […]