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10+ Best sustainable backpacks for the eco friendly traveler

When choosing a new backpack for your travel adventures why not make it an eco-friendly backpack? There are many small and large brands making sustainable backpacks in different ways. It can be by supporting local economies, using eco-friendly materials, or even making recycled backpacks. While it can be hard to find the backpack that fits […]

23 Useful and unique travel gifts for travel lovers – The gift ideas you are looking for!

We all have that friend that loves to travel and sometimes it’s not easy to know where to start. Because let’s be honest you want to find the perfect gift. There is nothing like finding the perfect unique travel gifts to put a smile on someone’s face when they open it. As a traveler, it […]

How to travel locally: A responsible guide to local travel

How to travel locally by train

For many, the only way to get on an adventure these days is to travel locally. And there are so many benefits of traveling locally both for the communities, for yourself, and for the small local tourism businesses. As the travel addict I am, I have always traveled locally during weekends, no matter where I […]

20 travel books to fuel your wanderlust: My all-time favorites!

Travel books to fuel your wanderlust

It’s not always possible to travel, so what keeps a travel addict going? Well, a good travel book is a great way to let yourself wander off to faraway lands and adventures! I love reading a good book and I have digested quite a few travel books that have made an impact throughout the years. […]

15 Eco friendly gift ideas for responsible travelers: A sustainable gift guide

Eco-friendly gift ideas

While we talk about responsible travel, sustainable travel, eco-conscious travel, and so on, why not try to find sustainable gifts for the travel lovers in your life? There are plenty of eco-friendly gift ideas for travelers that are actually useful so you know they will be appreciated. There is nothing worse than receiving a lot […]

11 breathtaking Philippines off the beaten track destinations

Caramoan Islands from above

With over 7000 islands, the Philippines is a travelers paradise. However, like so many other places in the world, there are only a few places that are massively frequented by tourists. Consequently, some destinations are experiencing overtourism while others stay hidden gems. For the best travel experience and less pressure on locals, wildlife and natural […]