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What is responsible tourism (Bonus: 18 practical tips to travel responsibly)

Responsible tourism - shop locally

Responsible tourism has become more important than ever. With more than one billion travelers each year, we all need to do our part. Major issues that arise as tourism grows, are, among others, overtourism, drought, pollution of both ocean and land, unethical animal tourism, and increased amounts of plastic waste. Fortunately, there are a few […]

Why is sustainable tourism important?

Sunset at a beach in Portugal cover photo

Sustainable tourism is a hot term these days. It seems like everyone is talking about it. Blogs, newspapers, television and travel agencies. The internet is loaded with information about the topic. At the same time, the massive problem of plastic is bubbling up like a volcano waking to life after a long sleep. People in […]

9 things NOT to do as a responsible traveler

Be a responsible traveler and don't give sweets to kids

Sometimes traveling to developing nations is a bit of a reality shock, witnessing so much poverty and desperation. It is natural to want to help in some sort of way. I guess that you, just like me, want to be a responsible traveler and make a difference. However, not all help is good help. The […]

Unethical animal tourism and what to do instead: land animals and birds

Unethical animal tourism and what to do instead - land animals and birds

As the second part of the series on unethical animal tourism and what to do instead, this post focuses on land animals and birds. We will look at a series of activities from visiting zoos and animal cafés to taking selfies with the smallest primate on earth. With great collaboration from other conscious travel bloggers, […]

Unethical animal tourism and what to do instead: Animal rides

animal rides in tourism are not ethical

Animal rides have been popular among tourists for decades and decades and even today often sold in as a cultural experience. It’s commonly seen as a cultural experience to ride a camel into the Moroccan desert or an elephant through the Thai jungle. Luckily, the latter is starting to get more and more unpopular among […]

Unethical animal tourism and what to do instead – marine life

ethical animal tourism marine life

This is the third part of the series unethical animal tourism and what to do instead. In this post, we will focus on marine life. There are plenty of activities that are obviously unethical, like performing dolphins and killer whales. Isn’t it questionable that creatures that swim hundreds of kilometers a day in the wild […]

How to travel locally: A responsible guide to local travel

How to travel locally by train

For many, the only way to get on an adventure these days is to travel locally. And there are so many benefits of traveling locally both for the communities, for yourself, and for the small local tourism businesses. As the travel addict I am, I have always traveled locally during weekends, no matter where I […]

The explosion of armchair travel: How to do it ethically

Ethical Armchair Travel

With the explosion of armchair travel that came with the recent global travel restrictions, there is one thing I have noticed. There is just as much unsustainable armchair travel as there was unsustainable travel before the coronavirus outbreak. You want to travel, I get it! But keep the principles of sustainable travel in mind when […]

Benefits of sustainable tourism: For unforgettable travel memories

Benefits of sustainable tourism - the view of the beach from an eco-resort in Madagascar

The benefits of sustainable tourism impact natural resources, wildlife, and local communities and their economy. But what do we know about the impact it has on travelers? Personally, I have become more sustainably aware, not only while traveling but also at home. I buy ecological food from small local shops as much as possible. I […]

10 Sustainable travel documentaries to inspire a future of better travel!

Sustainable travel documentaries

If there’s one positive thing the coronavirus pandemic has brought, it is a greater understanding of the importance of looking after the environment, supporting small local travel businesses, and taking care of wildlife. While people can’t travel, it seems like they spend a lot of time searching for information about the importance of sustainable tourism […]