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Why Backpacking in the Caribbean is more Sustainable than Cruising

Backpacking in Caribbean

The Caribbean is truly one of the most beautiful regions in the world, without a doubt. It’s a bucket list destination for many people. And rightfully so! The islands that make up this region, are like a little slice of heaven: The climate is gorgeous for much of the year. The islands are diverse in […]

18 Worldwide sustainable and eco tourism destinations to travel with purpose!

Sustainable tourist destinations

As a responsible traveler, one of your missions is to support sustainable tourism destinations that promote community-based tourism, eco friendly accommodations, and ethical animal tourism among other things. It can be hard to pick where to go on your next vacation keeping this in mind, but luckily, more and more eco tourism destinations are emerging […]

Sustainable tourism in Thailand: 10 Easy steps to ethical travel!

Eco tourism in Thailand

Thailand is one of the most popular countries to visit in Southeast Asia and is on most party backpackers’ bucket lists. However, the country is paying the hard toll of overtourism and devastated nature. So, should we stop traveling to Thailand altogether? Not likely. The economy in Thailand is much dependent on tourism. So how […]

Sustainable travel on a budget: An interview with Nomadic Matt

Matt Kepnes watching a sea view

One of the things I hear the most when talking about sustainable travel is that it’s only accessible to the rich and that normal people can’t afford to travel sustainably. Interestingly enough, I’ve been an advocate for responsible and sustainable travel for years now, but never considered myself a rich person. Set in perspective, yes. […]

What is responsible tourism (Bonus: 18 practical tips to travel responsibly)

Responsible tourism - shop locally

Responsible tourism has become more important than ever. With more than one billion travelers each year, we all need to do our part. Major issues that arise as tourism grows, are, among others, overtourism, drought, pollution of both ocean and land, unethical animal tourism, and increased amounts of plastic waste. Fortunately, there are a few […]

Why is sustainable tourism important?

Sunset at a beach in Portugal cover photo

Sustainable tourism is a hot term these days. It seems like everyone is talking about it. Blogs, newspapers, television and travel agencies. The internet is loaded with information about the topic. At the same time, the massive problem of plastic is bubbling up like a volcano waking to life after a long sleep. People in […]

9 things NOT to do as a responsible traveler

Be a responsible traveler and don't give sweets to kids

Sometimes traveling to developing nations is a bit of a reality shock, witnessing so much poverty and desperation. It is natural to want to help in some sort of way. I guess that you, just like me, want to be a responsible traveler and make a difference. However, not all help is good help. The […]

How to travel locally: A responsible guide to local travel

How to travel locally by train

For many, the only way to get on an adventure these days is to travel locally. And there are so many benefits of traveling locally both for the communities, for yourself, and for the small local tourism businesses. As the travel addict I am, I have always traveled locally during weekends, no matter where I […]

Benefits of sustainable tourism: For unforgettable travel memories

Benefits of sustainable tourism - the view of the beach from an eco-resort in Madagascar

The benefits of sustainable tourism impact natural resources, wildlife, and local communities and their economy. But what do we know about the impact it has on travelers? Personally, I have become more sustainably aware, not only while traveling but also at home. I buy ecological food from small local shops as much as possible. I […]

10 Sustainable travel documentaries to inspire a future of better travel!

Sustainable travel documentaries

If there’s one positive thing the coronavirus pandemic has brought, it is a greater understanding of the importance of looking after the environment, supporting small local travel businesses, and taking care of wildlife. While people can’t travel, it seems like they spend a lot of time searching for information about the importance of sustainable tourism […]

Small tourism businesses are bleeding: How to support them when you can’t travel

Support small local sari manufacturers in India

There is no secret that small local tourism businesses are suffering with the surge of the coronavirus pandemic that spread across the world in a matter of weeks through March 2020. Whole countries shut down their borders, inhabitants were confined to their homes, and millions of businesses had to close their doors. Travel died overnight, […]