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37 Captivating Asia landmarks for your next adventure

Kelingling Beach, Nusa Penida - Asia landmarks

Asia is such an immense and diversified continent that never ceases to impress. People, culture, nature, and religious buildings all create an intriguing impression that sinks deep into your bones and makes you never want to leave. It seems like the more you travel in Asia the deeper you want to explore it and the […]

The ultimate Asia bucket list for responsible travelers

The Great Wall of China is a true bucket list experience

Full of mysticism, ancient history, jaw-dropping nature, unique wildlife, and extraordinary cultures, large parts of Asia draw a lot of tourists. As the continent I might have traveled the most through (except Europe because I grew up there) it has really grown on me. Nonetheless, the continent is so different from place to place and […]

10+ Beautiful waterfalls in the Philippines you just can’t miss

Bagongbong Falls in Biliran

With more than 7000 islands, many of them covered in lush green jungle, there is no doubt there are a lot of incredible waterfalls in the Philippines. You are likely to stumble over one or two breathtaking cascades no matter which island you find yourself on, and there is no denying some of the most […]

Why you should never pet a Tarsier

Sleeping Tarsier

I was walking in silence behind our guide, trying not to make any noise along the tiny path. We were surrounded by tight bamboo trees searching for the tiniest primate on earth, the Philippine Tarsier. Suddenly, the guide stopped. I nearly ran into him as I was looking into the trees, but managed to stop […]

11 breathtaking Philippines off the beaten track destinations

Caramoan Islands from above

With over 7000 islands, the Philippines is a travelers paradise. However, like so many other places in the world, there are only a few places that are massively frequented by tourists. Consequently, some destinations are experiencing overtourism while others stay hidden gems. For the best travel experience and less pressure on locals, wildlife and natural […]

Sohoton Natural Bridge National Park – an undiscovered paradise

Sohoton Natural Bridge National Park

Sohoton Natural Bridge Natural Park is divided by the Sohoton river which is surrounded by thick, lush jungle covering majestic limestone cliffs. There are trips taking you by Bangka (traditional Philippine wooden boat) to the Panhulugan Cave where you can continue kayaking to the Natural Bridge. This is, without doubt, one of the most amazing […]

Diving with the cutest shark on earth

Thresher shark Philippines

Diving with a cute shark? How can a shark be cute you might be thinking. Have you seen the animated movie Shark Tale? One of the main characters in Shark Tale is a vegetarian shark called Lenny. He is really cute. And yes, I love animation movies. I actually dragged my boyfriend to the cinema […]

Chasing waterfalls in Biliran

Chasing waterfalls in Biliran

Lush green palm tree jungle surrounds us when we park the scooter. We walk for about half an hour, and the only sign of human interaction is the path we walk on and bunches of cut coconuts laying by the side. The green gets tighter as we walk, and some places we can´t avoid getting […]