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One week in Morocco itinerary: A taste of northern Morocco

A beautiful rainbow on our Morocco 1 week itinerary. Spring is best time to travel to Morocco when the fields are golden.

Northern Morocco is not where most people set foot on their first trip to the country, yet it’s tremendously beautiful! There is so much culture and the Berber villages are spotted all over the astounding Atlas and Rif mountains. The deep blue Mediterranean Sea dominates the coastline while you can visit the fascinating Blue city […]

How to explore Al Hoceima National Park in northern Morocco

Hiking Al Hoceima National Park Morocco

A mild scent of pine trees mixed with the salty aroma from the sea, the sound of countless bird species trilling in their own languages takes you along a craggy coastline. Covering an area of approximately 180 square kilometers on Morocco’s Mediterranean coast, Al Hoceima National Park is an extremely underrated destination that covers both […]

12 Morocco off the beaten path destinations you have to explore!

Tazekka National Park

Morocco is often being related to busy bazaars, eager vendors, and romanticized camel rides through the desert. Most travelers don’t venture far beyond Marrakech, Fez, and Casablanca. Except for the desert, that is. Oh! And another place that has become extremely popular with the years is the blue city of Chefchaouen. But if you look […]

Akchour waterfall – Morocco’s hidden gem

The pool by the Grand cascade

Akchour waterfall is definitely one of Morocco’s truly hidden gems. The trek goes along the river with numerous small cascades through the vigorous green fairytale forest. Surrounded by the majestic Rif Mountains, you walk passed rocks and tree stumps wrapped in green moss, changing into thick, unrestrained jungle covering the surroundings. All you can hear […]