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10 days in Iran itinerary: Discover the country with the world’s friendliest people!

Itinerary Iran travel to Garmeh

Within days in Iran, it quickly climbed up to become a favorite country for me. With around 50 countries under my belt, that is quite a tough achievement with India holding the throne since I first visited the country in 2012. How did this happen? There are so many reasons to love Iran, and the […]

25 best Thailand off the beaten track destinations

Thailand off the beaten track

Thailand has become one of the most visited countries in South East Asia and not without a reason. The land of smiles is extremely organized for tourism which makes it an easy country to travel to for anyone. Unfortunately, this also makes large parts of the country strongly affected by overtourism. Tourism to Thailand is […]

Iran travel tips: All you need to know before traveling to Iran

How to dress in Iran

Iran is not a traditional travel destination and for many reasons, a country off the beaten track. There are a lot of myths about the country and the media is a big part of it. However, travelers that made it there, including me, say it is one of their favorite countries! What was hard about […]

10 Reasons I fell in love with Iran: Why you should travel to Iran now!

Shah Mosque in Isfahan is one of the most beautiful mosques in Iran

Recognized for “the friendliest people on earth” by travelers that also recognize it as one of the safest countries they have visited, Iran is still not on most people’s radar. Politics and media are the main reason for this, and then there is the scariest thing of them all. Misperceptions spread from everyone around you […]

10 Top things to do in Kashan Iran – a deep dive into ancient Persian culture

With its majestic historical houses, delicious food, lively bazaar, natural rosewater, and traditional, dusty rugs, Kashan gives you a deep dive straight into the Persian culture. Wander the narrow streets nestled between the old walls of the city and be prepared to communicate with Google translate if you haven’t practiced your Persian. Helpful, smiley locals […]

25 off the beaten path travel destinations – underrated countries you should travel to now!

Ethiopia - off the beaten track travel

While many countries in the world are experiencing overtourism, there are countries that are actually in need of more travelers. The countries that receive a lot of tourism do for a reason, and I’m absolutely not saying you shouldn’t visit your bucket list destinations. Even popular countries like Peru can be explored off the beaten […]

15+ things to do in Isfahan – A complete travel guide to Iran’s most beautiful city

The dazzling city of Isfahan, or Esfahan as it’s also called, is an important cultural hub in Iran with some of the most breathtaking mosques in the country. It’s said that Isfahan is half the world. A world you won’t want to leave after spending only a few days there. There are plenty of things […]

10+ Beautiful waterfalls in the Philippines you just can’t miss

Bagongbong Falls in Biliran

With more than 7000 islands, many of them covered in lush green jungle, there is no doubt there are a lot of incredible waterfalls in the Philippines. You are likely to stumble over one or two breathtaking cascades no matter which island you find yourself on, and there is no denying some of the most […]