Is Valencia Worth Visiting in 2024? Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Go!

Is Valencia worth visiting? I get this question a lot and I guess it depends on what you enjoy. Personally, I love the city! There’s a fabulous blend of modern and traditional, old and new.

Valencia is one of the most popular coastal cities in Spain boasting spectacular beaches, culture, art, science, and history. The city is on the list of popular weekend breaks in Spain both among local and international tourists.

It’s easy to see how Valencia caters to different types of travelers, but if you’re trying to find out whether visiting Valencia is worth it or not for you, I suggest you keep reading.

In this post, I’ll share my top reasons to visit Valencia so you can make up your mind.

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Valencia worth visiting


Reasons to visit Valencia

300 Days of sunshine

Who can argue with over 300 days of sunshine? Well, if you’re like me, that is. Loving the sunshine and warm days. While it gets hot in the summer months, spring, fall, and winter in Valencia offer mild temperatures and sunshine most of the time.

This makes the city perfect for sightseeing and exploring all year round and a great European winter sun getaway for anyone seeking vitamin D during the dark winter months (pointing at northern Europe!)

In fact, just like the south of Spain, Valencia is a popular winter weekend break in Europe due to the great weather.

Impressive modern architecture

If you’re interested in modern architecture, Valencia is worth visiting for its impressive City of Arts and Science.

The futuristic buildings even impress me, and I’m not really into modern architecture. I just prefer old historic buildings. But walking around there makes me speechless every single time.

The entire area is stunning with its waterscapes, trees, and interesting 21st-century buildings, and makes for one of the top photo locations in the city, and not to mention one of the best neighborhoods to stay in Valencia.

why visit Valencia - beautiful architecture

Stunning beaches

Asking yourself “is Valencia worth it for the beaches?” I would absolutely say so! The beaches in Valencia are absolutely breathtaking. If you’re looking for an urban beach destination, Valencia is a great choice.

The main beaches are Cabanyal, Malvarrosa, and Patacona which offer a plethora of activities and facilities for beachgoers.

With 3.5 kilometers of sandy beach, you won’t run out of space, even if you visit Valencia Spain in the busy summer months.

If you’re looking for a more tranquil and remote beach vibe, fret not. There are kilometers of wild, sandy beaches along the Albufera Natural Park just waiting to be explored.

I recommend spending at least 2 days exploring Valencia city and relax on the beach after that!

An incredible old town

Valencia Old Town is one of the most enchanting in Spain with incredible architecture and lovely squares with cafés and restaurants inviting you for a break in sightseeing.

Make sure you visit Valencia Cathedral, it’s not only unique on the outside but also stunning on the inside. It’s located on two squares, both lively and beautiful photography spots.

You also find a whole lot of museums in the old town, my favorite (mostly due to the architecture) is the National Museum of Ceramics. But you can also see stunning frescoes and works by renowned artists like El Greco, Caravaggio, and Juan de Juanes at El Patriarca.

Join one of the cycling tours in Valencia that take you through the old town and the City of Arts and Sciences for a fun adventure.

is Valencia worth visiting - beautiful architecture

Super kid friendly

So, is Valencia worth visiting with children? I would say absolutely yes! There are so many green spaces in the city, it’s bike-friendly, and you find the coolest playground in Spain there.

At least in my opinion. The Gulliver Park is fun not only for the kids, but it’s one of the few playgrounds where I’ve seen the parents play With the kids and not just watch.

The famous park is free to enter and you’ll find a large Gulliver (from the book Gulliver’s Travels) figure laying on the ground with large slides and climbing areas to play.

In fact, it looked so much fun that even Mohammed and I went for multiple trips down the slides. So if you had any doubts, I can confirm, Valencia with kids is a great idea!

is Valencia Spain worth visiting - Gullivers Park

Water fountains everywhere

Ok, this might sound weird to some, but a city with plenty of water fountains to fill up your water bottle is essential on a hot day.

Carrying a reusable water bottle is one of the top responsible travel tips for anyone caring about the environment.

Valencia makes it easy to refill water so you stay hydrated during your city break.

reasons to visit Valencia - water fountain

Albufera Natural Park

If you’re a nature lover you’ll be excited to know that the Albufera Natural Park is right next to the city. The wetlands are some of the most important in Spain and give shelter to around 300 different bird species, including flamingos.

This makes it a popular place to spot Flamingos in Spain. The natural park is dominated by a large freshwater lake and is protected by a one-kilometer-wide stretch of sand.

The natural park can be explored on a guided tour that includes a jeep trip and a boat trip from Valencia which promises heaps of fun!


is Valencia worth a visit - Albufera Natural Park

Epic fiestas

Spain is famous for pulling epic fiestas and Valencia is one of the best places to experience the country’s fiestas.

The most famous and unique to Valencia is the Fallas festival which is protected by UNESCO. It takes place from the 15th to the 19th of March and the city turns into a firecracker of colors, flowers, music, fireworks, and parades. On the last day, you can witness the big Fallas Fire!

Besides the Fallas, you can experience the dramatic Semana Santa at Holy Week and the Valencia Fair which includes fun parades rounded off with the Flower Battle where women on the floats battle with flowers.

visiting Valencia Spain - Fallas festival

Great vegan food scene

Now the star question. Is Valencia Spain worth visiting for vegan foodies? Well, Mohammed and I really enjoyed it there. With so many vegan restaurants and even vegan fast-food options, you won’t go hungry.

Khambú is a vegan food truck with so much yummy junk. And for anyone looking for traditional tapas, but all vegan, try Lo de Ponxe En El Kinto Pino.

If you fancy vegan doughnuts (I suppose I’m not the only one crazy about them) head to Vonuts – they are homemade and just amazing! But note that they’re closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Great base for day trips

If you’re looking for a Spanish base for a longer stay, Valencia is truly worth it. There are so many wonderful day trips from Valencia. You can even take the high-speed train and spend a day in Madrid.

There are charming coastal towns nearby like Denia and Calpe. If you fancy traveling a little further, I highly recommend visiting Peñiscola, a walled town between Valencia and Tarragona.

There are also day tours from Valencia to Peñiscola or more unique trips to the stunning Albufera Natural Park, or hiking to the spectacular Fuente de Los Baños de Montanejos thermal pools. Wine lovers will enjoy a day tour of wine tasting in the lush Utiel-Requena wine region.

is valencia worth it - Peñiscola day trip

Conclusion: Is Valencia worth visiting

So, Is Valencia worth visiting? As you can tell, there are plenty of things to do in Valencia and lots of reasons why visit Valencia.

With beaches, great weather, history, and culture, the city truly caters to everyone.

If this sounds like you, then there’s only one thing to do; Start planning your Valencia itinerary and book your tickets!

Happy travels!